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Foundation Repair

Adhesive Services Company provides a broad range of solutions and unique repair methods for handling foundation repairs.  Repairs often become necessary due to inadequate design and poor maintenance that can be the source of foundation cracks and problems.  Even well-designed and maintained equipment can be susceptible to severe stresses associated with upsets or unusual operating conditions.  As foundation regrouting experts, we are on-site to provide installation and repairs that will withstand the test of time.

Grouting and Regrouting

Faulty grouting techniques are so common that, by some estimates, 90% of all heavy equipment installations suffer from grouting related problems.  At Adhesive Services Company, we understand the critical factors in surface preparation, epoxy formulations, curing time, and many other factors.  We customize every installation to ensure optimum results in every application.

New Installation

We provide new equipment grouting with capabilities and experience in making large grout pours, both cementitious and epoxy, to fill skids for compressors and other large dynamically-loaded equipment.  OEMs trust in Adhesive Services Company's skill in large and critical grout pours underneath new and refurbished equipment.  With an unparalleled success rate, you can be assured a first-class installation when utilizing the Company's experienced and professional staff.  Adhesive Services Company is fully equipped with a knowledgeable staff that can quickly respond to any discoveries, and it has been proven that our installations withstand the test of time.

Contracting and Consulting Services

Adhesive Services Company can provide contracting services, as well as consulting services.  Our team includes highly skilled technical personnel and experienced field superintendents.  Our qualified staff is available twenty-four hours a day to provide industry leading guidance and expert installation.

Other Services

Adhesive Services Company is committed to quality and safety to provide our Clients with the most reliable repairs that stand the test of time.


 Our range of services includes:

  • Foundation Repair

  • Grouting & Regrouting

  • New Installation

  • Contracting & Consulting Services

  • Secondary Containment Linings

  • Heavy Machinery Grouting & Regrouting

  • Heavy Machinery Foundation Repairs

  • Anchor Bolt Repairs and/or Replacement

  • Diamond Coring with Air-Powered Equipment

  • Pressure-Grouting of Baseplates

  • Evaluations & Technical Reports

  • Turnkey Capability



Experience Sets the Benchmark

For more than 45 years, Adhesive Services Company has been solving heavy industrial machinery foundation and structural concrete problems worldwide.  We specialize in unique solutions to challenging problems.  Our services include both contracting and consulting.  We work in refineries, chemical plants, gas transmission facilities, paper mills, cement mills, docks and most any other facility where structural concrete problems exist.  In addition, we install high-performance coatings and linings for concrete structures and surfaces.



We Put Safety First

To assure safety, as well as quality and consistency, all of our mechanical tools are air-powered.  This includes mortar mixers, grinders, drills, band saws, chipping hammers, and rock drills.  We also use air-powered diamond coring equipment when replacing anchor bolts.  This provides adequate torque for large diameter bits, which would otherwise stall when using electric motor drives.  At the same time, this eliminates an ignition source and possiblity of electric shock since water is used in the coring operation to remove cuttings from the hole.



Independence Sets Us Apart

Adhesive Services Company does not manufacture or represent any manufacturer of the products we utilize.  Our group is free to select the best product to solve the problem.  Whether the project is foundation repair, machinery regrouting, anchor bolt replacement, or other repairs - we are able to provide the best possible solution from start to finish.



Year Established



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