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Clients around the world have grown to depend on ADHESIVE SERVICES COMPANY to provide expert contracting and consulting services on industrial machinery foundations and regrouting projects, but that isn't all we do. ASC also specializes in anchor bolt replacement on industrial machinery and repairs of concrete structures like refinery catalytic cracking units, coking units, docks, piers or just about any structural concrete application. We also install high-performance coatings and linings for concrete structures and surfaces.

We have the staff to take on just about any project and the experience to get the job done right. Our team consists of registered professional engineers, graduate engineers and highly-skilled and experienced field superintendents. The team is also well known throughout industry, having written more than 40 technical publications covering their solutions to the problems they've seen in the field.

Our engineering and field staff can see your project through from start to finish. We can send in highly qualified consultants to supervise your local or in-house labor force. Or we can furnish experienced and self-sufficient contracting crews equipped with the latest and best tools for repairing or regrouting a foundation, no matter where the job may be. They'll do the job right, as our better than 99 per cent success rate shows.

And our track record says they'll do it safely. To ensure safety in a refinery or petrochemical plant and quality and consistency in other sites, all the tools we use––from mortar mixers, grinders and drills to band saws, chipping guns and rock drills––are air powered. Even the diamond coring equipment we use when replacing anchor bolts is air-powered, which provides a consistent coring speed while virtually eliminating explosion or electrical hazards. When the work takes us into low temperature environments, explosion-proof steam heating equipment safely keeps the job area at the constant temperature needed to properly cure grout. We can also supply air handling equipment that, when used with an enclosure, exhausts dust and other contaminants to a suitable location.

ADHESIVE SERVICES COMPANY can, and will, do anything it takes to get your foundation repaired and regrouted properly. But there are some things we don't do. Unlike many firms, we don't manufacture the materials we use on the job and we don't represent any product line. Instead, we concentrate on finding the best product for the application, whether that takes engineering a unique solution to an unusual problem or simply modifying commercially available materials. That's our commitment to you.

If you have questions about foundation repair, grouting, anchor bolt replacement or any other industrial structural concrete problems, one of our technical service representatives can get you the answers or arrange for an on-site inspection and a formal estimate. As always , our telephone lines are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ADHESIVE SERVICES COMPANY is recognized by engineers and executives in more than 30 foreign countries as the expert when it comes to foundation repair and regrouting. If you need more information about ASC, you may contact us by telephone at 713.896.0526 (24 hours a day), by fax at 713.896.1003 or visit the Information Request section of this Web Site.

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