Experienced. Committed. Independent.

Those are just a few of the words clients use to describe ADHESIVE SERVICES COMPANY. The world's premier industrial machinery foundation repair and regrouting specialists.

E.M. Renfro

E. M. Renfro

...who founded the firm in 1975 and still serves as its Chief Engineer and Chairman of the Board, is modestly uncomfortable with all that praise but nonetheless proud because customer service has always been an ADHESIVE SERVICES COMPANY goal.

"Our objective was to offer the industrial community state-of-the-art repairs and service for heavy machinery foundations and other concrete structures and to provide consistently expert machine grouting," said Renfro, a 1958 graduate of Texas Tech University and an author of more than 40 technical publications.

Although epoxy grouting was relatively new when ASC was formed, Renfro was no stranger to the technology. As an engineer with a major multi-national chemical company for six years, Renfro was well-schooled in epoxy grout formulations and epoxy chemistry as well as market development. It was there that Renfro learned the value of independence, a status Renfro has strived to maintain at ASC for over 25 years.

"We wanted to set the standard for quality in a highly specialized contracting field so we assembled a team of professionals, each with his own special talents, unequaled anywhere in the world," Renfro said, recalling the company's early years. "But to fully utilize those talents, Adhesive Services had to remain totally independent of epoxy formulators and other suppliers. To this day, the company does not represent any manufacturer of epoxy grouts or manufacturer of trendy mechanical gadgets. This gives us the freedom to design repairs around the products best suited for the particular application, as opposed to trying to engineer the repair around products from the company store."

Independence sets ADHESIVE SERVICES COMPANY apart from other companies and has allowed us to establish an unparalleled record of successful projects while attracting–and keeping–a team of specialists that brings unmatched experience to your job site, whether it's a refinery in the Middle East, a pulp plant in Canada or a nuclear power plant in New York. Being independent has also helped ASC build a track record of experience that includes a 99 percent success rate.

Joel M. Piefer

President and Chief Executive Officer,
Joel M. Piefer
joined the company over 20 years ago. One of those rare individuals who is as comfortable in the conference room as he is in the field, Piefer has the "people skills" to handle complicated projects where negotiations and logistics are critical yet the hands-on background to successfully communicate with craft level personnel. ASC has used his experience in refinery and petrochemical plant turnarounds to develop many unusual and unique foundation repair techniques that have become industry standards.

Adhesive Services Company is recognized by engineers and executives in more than 30 countries as the expert when it comes to foundation repair and regrouting. If you need more information about ASC, you may contact us by telephone at 713.896.0526 (24 hours a day), by fax at 713.896.1003 or visit the Information Request section of this web site.


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