Welcome to the "The Foundation Report." Periodically  we will add a new technical paper authored by Adhesive Services Company. These papers are drawn from experience and illustrate the types of projects in which we have been involved. We hope these articles will be an educational tool and useful to you.

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Issue 1: Special Considerations When Using Epoxy Grout on Outdoor Installations (490 kb)


Issue 2: Repairing Failures Between Block & Mat (398 kb)


Issue 3: Know Where You Stand When Designing Grout Installations (305 kb)


Issue 4: Preparations of Concrete Surface (384 kb)


Issue 5: Proper and Improper Grouting of Skid Mounted Equipment (180 kb)


Issue 6: Complete Anchor Bolt Replacement (204 kb)


Issue 7: Foundation Repairs Increase Grout Life (278 kb)


Issue 8: Proper Design Concepts of Original Anchor Bolt Installations (204 kb)



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